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Downloading files

git clone


In order to use TCLB solver, the following tools are required:

  • R (it helps to have R 4.x.x as some packages aren't available through CRAN on 3.x.x, meaning manual install would be required)
  • packages for R: optparse, numbers, template, gvector, polyAlgebra
  • nVidia CUDA (if you want to use GPU - if not, then DON'T try to install cuda)
  • python
  • numpy (if you want to use the integrated python interpreter)
  • python, python
  • rPython (if you want to develop a model using python in place or R)
  • MPI (e.g. [OpenMPI](

Most of them can be installed using the script provided within the code(tools/

sudo tools/ cuda 6.5-14
sudo tools/ r
sudo tools/ openmpi
     tools/ rdep
sudo tools/ python-dev
     tools/ rpython


After installing all required dependencies, the code is ready to be compiled. In order to do so:

make configure
make -j 10 d2q9

Notes: -j 10 is used to speed up the compilation process, by running multiple threads. d2q9 is the name of the model, this solver comes with multiple models, which can be compiled(and used) by substituting d2q9 for desired model name(e.g. d3q27).

If you don't have a GPU

If you are installing the code on a machine that does not have a GPU, you will need to alter the default options in ./configure, for example:

./configure --disable-cuda --disable-graphics --enable-double

Here it can be seen that cuda has been disable, as has the graphics option. The graphics option is used to display a real-time bitmap of the simulation but requires GPU.